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1st World War Triptych, painting no 3 Hell and the mad soldier

Italian Linen on wooden panel, Hessian sack cloth, red sealing wax, earth pigments from France, rabbit skin glue, Acrylic paint, WW1 Hospital admission records and WW1 postcard addressed to my Grandpa Lance Corporal John James Taylor, in France; 9th Royal Fusiliers Expeditionary Force, collaged into the painting and a small pair red velvet baby shoes. Cardboard hearts with hidden messages are collaged into the painting, each one to represent a member of my Taylor family. The tiny black crosses represent the unknown fallen soldiers.
Completed by: 
519 mm x 800 mm


Commisioned to make 3 paintings for Biggar and Upper Clydesdale Museums Trust commemorative exhintion WW1 an intimate artistic community response. 13th October to 16th December 2018. I made this triptych in memory of my Grandpa Lance Corporal John James Taylor who was a trained soldier before war broke out. At age 18 he  fought in the trenches in France and was eventually wounded in the battle of the Somme after 2 years and 3 months of fighting in WW1. He was taken to hospital in London where he recovered from the wound in his leg but never recovered from severe shell shock. Born 1896 died 1944